VALIDATE at Brain Awareness Week

We marked our presence in the  #BrainAwarenessWeek, 11-17 March 2024, through one of our partners, Stroke Alliance For Europe (SAFE), by presenting VALIDATE with the voice of our specialists and the importance of research in the field of acute ischemic stroke treatment.

▪️Ischemic stroke demands rapid treatment to minimize neurological damage. Current stroke treatments are effective. However, accurately assessing the degree of benefit from different treatment options remains a challenge.

▪️VALIDATE is on a mission to integrate advanced AI models into clinical practice. By leveraging medical data and cutting-edge technology, we are refining a clinical decision support system. This system empowers healthcare professionals to identify the best treatment for each patient, enhancing outcomes (MR scores) and quality of life.

▪️ In collaboration with IBM iX, VALIDATE is developing a user-friendly app for physicians. This intuitive tool will provide new datapoints during acute stroke treatment: i.e. the individual care dependency risk (prognostic modified ranking score) 3 months after the stroke event for different treatment alternatives. This can facilitate rapid and informed decision-making in high-pressure situations, especially for resident clinicians.

▪️ VALIDATE prioritises ethical considerations to ensure acceptance and reliability among clinicians, patients, and stakeholders. Our rigorous research efforts cover technical, legal, clinical, and ethical perspectives to define a process for the creation of trustworthy AI.

▪️Through clinical validation studies, VALIDATE is testing the real-time application of predictive algorithms that, if proven feasible, could revolutionise stroke care, improving patient outcomes and enabling clinicians to make informed decisions.

Hear the team explain in more detail: