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CUB has been working extensively on developing decision support solutions for neurovascular and cardiovascular diseases and has expertise in image-based mechanistic modelling as well as machine learning for multimodal data assessment.

CUB has also been developing AI-based decision support systems for the last 5 years, with a focus on the translation of modelling approaches into usable clinical applications with a dedicated software development team. For this, a multi-model stream framework has been developed.

CUB has renowned experts in neurovascular medicine and their clinical and research experience will contribute to data preparation, clinical validation and specification of clinical requirements for decision support in stroke. CUB is responsible for overall scientific coordination of the WPs and technical activities of the project (ensuring project’s intermediate and final results are produced timely with an adequate quality level) and decision-making regarding the overall policy and technical strategy of the project.

Additionally, the Charité Lab for AI in Medicine (CLAIM) will be responsible for the Clinical Model Development Work Package (WP2).
Finally, CUB will lead all WP1 tasks designing, implementing and assessing Trustworthy AI guidelines implementation.

Finally, the QUEST center at the Berlin Institute of Health of CUB will lead all WP1 tasks identifying, designing, implementing and auditing requirements for a Trustworthy AI implementation of our solution.

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Vincent I. Madai

The project team for Responsible Algorithms at the QUEST center (Berlin Institute of Health of CUB) is set to lead all WP1 tasks. The tasks include identifying, designing, implementing, and auditing the requirements for a Trustworthy AI implementation of our solution. To learn more, please visit the website linked below.