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empirica has long-standing expertise in the analysis of new technology opportunities against user requirements and business models. In this role, empirica helps bridge the widening gap between new developments in technology and their application in ways fully meeting user needs. At the same time, this practical work provides a solid foundation for drawing up realistic proposals for strategic choices to public and private institutions and associations.

Its body of expertise ranges from long-term policy and strategy development to rapidly implemented pilot trials and case studies of current practice EMP is involved in designing treatment pathways, clinical effectiveness evaluation, budget-impact models, and business planning. In WP7, EMP is responsible for the administrative project management, IPR, communication activities and networking.

empirica rainer thiel
Rainer Thiel
empirica malte von tottleben
Malte von Tottleben
empirica daniel schmidtmann
Daniel Schmidtmann
empirica karin breuer
Karin Breuer
empirica meropi papagheorghe
Meropi Papagheorghe
empirica nadia koval
Nadia Koval