NORA is a spinoff developed by SU-VHIR since 2015. The NORA program consists in a multimodal platform with a communication tool through smartphone between patients and the multidisciplinary clinical team. The platform allows to optimize secondary prevention of stroke by improving treatment compliance, patient education, chat counselling and early detection of frequent complications. The platform also allows a high collection rate of standardized patient reported outcomes. NORA, together with SAFE, is the leading partner in the patient communication package, WP-6. NORA will allow continuous interaction between patients and health-carers, for education, communication, patient engagement, and PROMs recollection in the clinical validation study. In addition, NORA will be connected to the electronical medical record of the clinical sites for PROMs transferring. Adaptation of the eCRF for the incorporation within NORA will be perform, allowing easy PROMS recollection and other KPI reported by clinical researchers.

NORA Estefania