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Simula Research Laboratory (SRL) is one of Norway’s leading information and communications technology research institutions where all research activities received top scores in the 2017 national evaluation. SRL will be represented by the new Simula Metropolitan Center for Digital Engineering (SimulaMet) researching machine learning and distributed multimedia systems. In particular, members of the HOST department research entire systems and challenges potentially covering all components of the complete system, from data creation to visualisation of the results. In our holistic view, not only the accuracy of the machine learning analysis is of importance, but also the complete pipe-line integration and the system performance (e.g., resource consumption and scalability). HOST has participated in several medical-data related projects, and has in this respect produced, published and deployed several machine learning solutions and prototypes, achieving both real-time speed and high accuracy predictions.
SimulaMet is represented by research scientist Inga Strümke and research scientist Michael Alexander Riegler, and an additional postdoctoral researcher will be hired to work on this project. SimulaMet will mainly contribute to Trustworthy AI (WP1) and WP2 Clinical Model Development (WP2), and be involved in WPs 4, 6 and 7.

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Michael Riegler
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Luis M Lopez Ramos