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VHIR is linked to Hospital Vall d’Hebron, the largest academic hospital in Catalonia. The Stroke Unit (SU-VHIR) attends more than 1600 stroke patients every year.
The SU-VHIR consists in a multidisciplinary team of Stroke specialists. The SU-VHIR has a large experience in clinical research and stroke trials, as collaborators and national and international leading centers. Since the last 10 years, innovation, and application of ICT to stroke care is one of our main objectives. The scientific contribution of the SU-VHIR is remarkable with 250 publications in the last 5 years.
SU-VHIR belongs to the Catalan Stroke Network and collaborates with multiple international research networks and stroke societies. VHIR will be mainly responsible of the protocol design, legal approval and implementation of the multicenter clinical validation prospective study, within WP-4. This includes the design of the electronic case report form (eCRF) that will be integrated in NORA.
Continuous evaluation and monitoring of the interface usability will also be performed togheter with the remaining clinical sites and IBM.
VHIR will also contribute with data for the pre-clinical study and will be one of the 3 clinical sites to include patients in the prospective validation study.

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Marta Rubiera del Fueyo
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